Epic Yarns

    Our Vision

    Our hope is to create a space that is uniquely ours where we share our enthusiasm of everything yarns ~ whether you knit, crochet, weave or do any fiber arts. We search for fabulous yarns, useful tools, fun notions and unique accessories.

    Our wish is that our shop inspires the creative side in each and everyone of us.


    Our Story

    We started in 2008 with the alpaca farm and attended markets throughout the county selling our products. We decided to simplify things and open a brick and mortar. We started with one small space with all merchandise alpaca related. All of our yarns were alpaca based and could fit into an armoire. We expanded and my studio was moved to the upstairs and the yarn room was opened. Things changed again...my studio is a shared space with the classroom upstairs. We now have just under 1,900 square feet downstairs with our classroom space upstairs. In 2014, we decided to focus solely on yarn and related items, and give up the everything alpaca bit. So, here you have it....welcome!